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Second Time Around

Recently, the Community Village residents came out to listen to the music of the "Second Time Around". What an enjoyable afternoon singing along, clapping and dancing in their seats!

Thank you New Life Christian Fellowship!


Saturday, October 25th, members of New Life Christian Church participated in what they termed "an outflow" to assist Community Village with several projects inside and outside the facility.  Part of the group painted two resident rooms, while others worked outside to remove trees afflicted by the emerald ash bore, and still others cleaned up the remnants of the summer flower gardens.  The efforts of the church are a great blessing to the Village residents, and from the appearance of the tired but smiling volunteers, it appeared to be a good day for them, too.  There are always similar projects available for willing groups, and Village volunteer coordinator, Marrianne, would love to receive your call at 792-5442, or your email at volunteer@communityvillage.org.

Refurbished Rooms!


Community Village is in the process of refurbishing rooms for the comfort and enjoyment of residents.  The room pictured above is one that could be enjoyed by a married couple, and of course twin beds are available. Residents also have the option of furnishing the room to their own tastes (this often means that familiar furniture is brought from home). Be sure to consider Community Village as you look at assisted living options for your family members. 

United Commercial Travelers Donate New Grill

The Saginaw United Commercial Travelers (UCT) presented Community Village with a brand new 6-burner Weber grill. Every year, the UCT manages the food tent at the Village's Strawberry Festival, and their familiarity with the old grill prompted their generosity. (We think that was a nice way of saying they knew how much a new grill was needed.) Linda Buggia is the Senior Counselor of the Saginaw Council #43 of United Commercial Travelers.

Saginaw Council #43 was established in 1893 because traveling sales people were often excluded from insurance products offered by traditional insurance companies. Hence the UCT was developed as a society to make insurance products available.

Today the UCT uses the funds generated by their membership to assist local non-profit organizations like Community Village and their generosity is greatly appreciated.

Presenting the new Weber Grill to Community Village are (left to right) Ralph Buggia, Linda Buggia, and Leo Buggia representing United Commercial Travelers.

New Partnership with PharmaScript


PharmaScript Long Term Care Pharmacy of Michigan makes serving the residents of long term care facilities their primary focus.  PharmaScript is a family owned and operated LTC Pharmacy, serving LTC facilities, adult foster care, homes for the aged, assisted living, and nursing homes since 2004.  PharmaScript takes pride in providing high quality service, care, and pharmacy solutions to their customers.

Administrator Ken Streeter states, "We are very proud of this new partnership.  We have attempted to make a complete change to electronic records for our medication administration during the past 3 years.  This partnership has provided a seamless connection between physician's prescriptions, safe administration of medications, and electronic data records of all medication administrations.  PharmaScript told us that whey were able to provide and they have fulfilled every commitment."  

Medication administration is vitally important to long term care because the complications of multiple drugs being administered at the wrong time or in wrong amounts can create life-threatening errors.  More information about PharmaScript and safe medication administration can be found at http://pharmascript.com.

New Tables & Chairs!


Take a look at our new dining room tables and chairs. These were provided by gifts from the Morley Foundation, the Wickson-Link Memorial Foundation, the Allen & Marie Nickless Foundation, and another foundation that desires to remain anonymous. Funds included an allowance for new laminate table top surfaces that were expertly installed by the Community Village maintenance staff.  The new look not only enhances the dining room appearance, but has taken safety and comfort to new levels.  A few days after the new chairs arrived, one of our board members shifted the wrong way in one of our old chairs, causing it to collapse.  That event truly made us appreciate the great safety improvement of the new indestructible chairs.  

Prayer Requests

  • Salvation and needs of Village residents
  • Volunteers to help minister to residents
  • Strength and wisdom for Village staff
  • God's encouragement and blessing for staff and volunteers

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