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Community Village
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Community Village?

Community Village is owned and operated by City Rescue Mission of Saginaw which is a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation. Today Community Village is more often recognized as a division of Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan, or R3M, an assumed name that helps better identify the relationship between the Saginaw Rescue Mission, the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission of Bay City, Community Village, and the Rescue Ministries Thrift Store in Green Acres Plaza.

How is Community Village different than other Nursing Facilities or Assisted Living Communities?

Community Village is licensed as a Michigan Home for the Aged. This is a designation that recognizes a lighter level of care than a nursing home, and is designed to serve frail elders that are ambulatory, often with the assistance of walkers or mobility devices. Assisted living is a designation that is not licensed in Michigan, hence “Assisted living” is a term used by many programs, including Community Village, and does not really designate a specific level of care.

Does Community Village offer evaluations of frail elders to determine appropriateness for residency? 

Yes, there is no charge for evaluation visits in Saginaw County.  We always prefer to have applicants visit Community Village when possible to determine that they favor Village residency.  The best arrangement is for applicants to determine that Community Village is the place they chose to move.  Occasionally, applicants will enroll in Community Village Daycare before becoming a resident. 

What happens when a resident of Community Village needs a higher level of care?

Community Village realizes that moving can be stressful on a frail elder so the Village staff makes every reasonable accommodation to assist residents to stay as long as it is safe to do so. Today home healthcare agencies often assist residents with specialized services while they retain residency because we are committed to aging in place. We also have a licensed Social Worker who assists family members in their search for additional care needs.

Does Medicaid cover the cost of care for residents of Community Village?

Many Community Village residents qualify for Medicaid services, such as medications, medical appliances, and services of medical professionals. However, Medicaid does not cover the cost of services provided by a Home for the Aged. Hence, Community Village requires personal responsibility for the cost of residency. The good news regarding the cost of Community Village is that rates are very affordable and Community Village accepts applicants that have only their Social Security income.

How do I know which long term care facility is right for me or my loved one?

It is always good to visit facilities that you might be considering. Personal observations may tell you whether residents are at a similar level of need that you might be seeking. Discuss needs and experiences with friends who have used the senior services. Feel free to bring your discussion to the Community Village Administrator or Social Worker. Their purpose is not to sell a product, but to assist you in finding the most appropriate program for your specific needs.

How do I begin to apply for Medicaid, Veterans benefits, or advance directives for my care?

The Community Village Social Worker is experienced in assisting family members with the paperwork and applications that might be associated with long term care. Feel free to contact Community Village for assistance, even if you are not a candidate for residency.

Am I allowed to keep my personal physician if I am a resident of Community Village?

Yes, the Village does maintain a relationship with a physician who visits weekly, but this physician is not a part of the Village staff and residents have the choice of medical professionals.