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Community Village encourages front line caregivers to demonstrate love and respect for residents on a daily basis as they carry out all of their assigned duties.  Managers and shift supervisors are encouraged to model this value as they interact with residents, but also in the way that they manage and teach the caregivers.  Respect is a value that is better caught than taught so we attempt to reflect the love of Jesus in all relationships.

Mission, Vision, Values

The Mission of Community Village is to bring glory to God by demonstrating the love of Christ to seniors.  We believe that we're living out God's plan for the care of frail elders as we enlist the support of churches and individual Christians to provide a healthy and encouraging home for folks who are unable to live independently.  The Apostle Paul actually assembled the first deacon board for the purpose of serving meals to widows who were unable to provide for themselves.  We believe that Community Village is the 21st century equivalent to that first assisted living plan.  We certainly know that Mid-Michigan is facing an enormous increase in its aging population, and with that increase it is only logical to expect that there will be a parallel increase in the number of low income frail elders.  Community Village is a cost-effective response to this growing need, and Community Village is an excellent program for including the assistance of volunteers to provide enhancements toward the quality of life.

The value that drives Community Village is the same that caused Jesus to leave His home in heaven to bring salvation to earth.  We believe every individual has value in the eyes of our Creator.